Battlefield Hardline premium confirmed

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2015

At the start of the month, we told you that Battlefield Hardline Premium was very likely, after EA left a few clues inside the public beta which wrapped up earlier this month.

Now, we can definitely tell you that it is coming. EA are now advertising it on the official Battlefield Facebook page, telling fans to expect details soon.

If we follow the same pattern as BF4 Premium, we’re assuming that an extra $50 on top of the launch price will act as a Season Pass for the game.


This will offer up to five expansion packs, premium patches, position priority when placed in queues and premium personalisation options for your ‘cop’ or ‘robber’ character.

We also expect Visceral to throw in some of those gold battlepacks that you can use to obtain ‘advanced’ items and other nice goodies to use in-game for your character.

With the game due out very soon, it shouldn’t be too long until EA lifts the lid on this year’s premium package.

The question is, are you happy to pay for premium again after buying it for Battlefield 4? Let us know how you feel it compares in value compared to a COD Season Pass.

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  • jagmarky

    EA can go screw themselves if they think I’m going to voluntarily pay $110 for a full game let alone $60 for a partly released multiplayer that was chopped up to be served as DLC. I’m going to do as I did BF4, hold out on it and wait until it hits a good sale with the DLC. I paid no more than $30 for BF4 with premium about a year after it came out.
    Although unlike last year, by the time I get my hands on Hardline, I’ll already be happily busy with the TONS of games coming out later this year, and Battlefront (if released this year) will probably take up all of my multiplayer game-time (yeah, I know “EA” too, but they nailed me. I have a TOTAL soft spot for Star Wars, especially Battlefront). This is unfortunate because Hardline is looking like it’ll be an incredible game based on my BETA experience. Probably going to skip it altogether because of these filthy DLC practices. I’d rather buy Witcher 3 twice and pay $120 than buy into what EA’s dishing out on launch day.