Kingdom Hearts 3 multiplayer ideas most wanted

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2015

Most will agree that we have been starved for some official Kingdom Hearts 3 news as of late from Square-Enix. We have spotted however, several pieces of evidence which suggest that Square-Enix may be exploring the possibility of Kingdom Hearts 3 multiplayer.

We remember hearing back in September of 2014 that The Osaka studio of Square-Enix were hiring a network programmer to work on their upcoming projects.

Now, we can see that the same studio are looking for even more staff related to an online component of an upcoming game. Kingdom Hearts isn’t specifically mentioned of course, but it would be very interesting if Square-Enix are planning on adding online multiplayer elements to KH3.

We have seen multiplayer elements in old Kingdom Hearts games before, but never had a full blown multiplayer that is geared towards online play for Kingdom Hearts.


Whispers suggest that director Tetsuya Nomura has been deciding whether or not to put multiplayer into Kingdom Hearts 3 and it could be the reason why official updates have been so slow.

If Kingdom Hearts 3 online multiplayer is really coming, then it’s obviously a huge task to make it work not only from a technical point of view – but acceptable to the legions of devoted fans out there too.

As we wait for the next news update from Square-Enix, let us know your thoughts on the likelihood of multiplayer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Do you see it as an inevitable outcome considering how much money can be made from add-on DLC content?

If it does come, how would you like to see it pan out?

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  • Vayne

    This is absurd, Kingdom hearts has always been a one-player game with the exception of 358/2 days for the DS & even then it was only local play and short sweet missions.
    even if they did an online multiplayer for this what would they do?
    make it like 358/2 days?
    I don’t see any other way of doing it.
    this is the (supposed) final instalment in the franchise instead of racking their brains over multiplayer they should be focusing on everything else otherwise too much time will be taken up by this and will eventually cut into the quality of the single player content when it comes to release time.

    • JocM0402

      Have you ever played Birth By Sleep? The Mirage Arena offered a lot of co-op missions, VS games, command boards against friends, and Birth By Sleep Final Mix with NoHeart, Master of the Armor, and Monstro. Only in PSP thought, but it was very COOL.