Microsoft sale doesn’t constitute early Surface Pro 4 release

By Peter Chubb - Feb 21, 2015

When we know that a new MacBook Air or Pro is due and seen Apple and third-party resellers reduce these notebooks in price, we are in no way shocked. However, when the likes of Microsoft reduce the price of one of its products when they have no new model due anytime soon, it does make you scratch your head.

Just recently Microsoft in the U.S. reduced the price of its Surface Pro 3 by $100, which at the time just seemed like a generous thing to do. However, the company has since given its tablet another price drop, but this time £250 in the UK.

That is a rather substantial amount, as it converts to just over $380, which is a huge sum to reduce the Pro 3 by. It’s for this very reason why some people have started to think we could see an early Surface Pro 4 release.

Surface pro 4 release

It’s worth remembering that the £250 price reduction is for the i7 512GB, the other models get less discount. Having said that, it does seem strange that the entire line in the UK is receiving these discounts.

However, let’s put our sensible head on for a moment, as this Microsoft sale surely does not constitute an early Surface Pro 4 release? While Microsoft’s motives are uncertain at this time, surely they would not move its predicted summer release forward?

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  • rick

    Well, I am going to buy something and with the Surface Pro 4 supposed to come out soon, I would rather wait for that, HOWEVER, knowing the 4 is coming out, in my weird mind, means that I will NOT buy the Surface 3 even though I need something NOW. Perhaps, I shall look into an Android device.