Destiny’s Xur selling new items on Feb 20

It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing for Destiny players – another appearance from Xur in the tower today. We now have a confirmation of Xur’s new items on February 20 and where he is hiding.

As always, we prepare for Xur each week with our location thread as the Agent of the Nine will move from his spot last week (the bar) to a new location.

Xur’s spawn time in the tower will be 9am UK, 1am Pacific and 4am Eastern Time, meaning that he should now be live in the game – remember sometimes it takes a while for the game to refresh.


Last week we had the Icebreaker remember, but this week we can confirm that Xur is selling the No Land Beyond once again. He’s also got the Voidfang Vestments and the Heavy Ammo synthesis.

Some Destiny players are still shocked that Xur had the Icebreaker so soon after offering it a few weeks ago, so what are your immediate thoughts on Xur’s inventory today?

We’ll add a video below to show you his exact location which is by the Crucible quartermaster and also a preview of the full inventory for those that want to know what Xur is selling.

Give us your reaction to another appearance from Xur and whether you are happy or annoyed with Xur this week.



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