BMW i8 price in India revealed, although i3 more desired

The price of the BMW i8 was finally revealed in India, and will be available to only the biggest regions in the country. This is the first of the i-line to be introduced to India and if you are interested, then you will have to part with Rs 2.29 crore for the pleasure of standing out and also having one of the best looking cars on the road today.

There is so much going for the BMW i8, but we should not get too ahead of ourselves, because you have to look at it like the very first iPhone. It is a breakthrough and will lead the way, although only after several generations of updates to make the technology more viable for day-to-day use.

BMW i8 price in India revealed

Don’t get us wrong, the i8 is a remarkable car and is ideal for those of you looking for something different. We also feel as though this larger hybrid model from BMW might not do as well in India as its smaller sibling, the i3.

We have yet to see the BMW i3 price in India revealed, but we feel as though this will be the more desired model because of its size. It’s all very well driving on some of the larger roads in India, but when you get into the city trying to maneuver a large car like the i8 will become a bit of an issue, and so the i3 will be more practical.

If you had the choice, which would you rather the BMW i8 or i3?



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