The Order 1886 review gets 15/20 score

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2015

If you are planning to pick up The Order 1886 at the end of the week, we know some of you insist on reading The Order 1886 reviews first before deciding whether to purchase.

Most of the reviews for The Order 1886 have not been published yet, but we can see that one already has over in France ahead of schedule.

That review comes from JeuxVideoMagazine, who have awarded the game with a score of 15/20, or 7.5/10 if you like. You can buy the magazine here at the official site, but scans from the magazine confirming the score can be seen here.


Fortunately we don’t have long to wait until the rest of the reviews go live, which should be later on Thursday February 19 – hours before the worldwide launch on February 20.

It’s nice that everyone will get to play the game at the same time, especially those in Europe who usually have to wait three days later to play.

15/20 is a decent score, but obviously it is just one publication’s opinion so don’t overthink if you are are worried that the game may not be up to par.

As we wait for the rest of the reviews to go live, give us your last minute expectations of the game. Have you already decided to buy day one or will you wait until more reviews are up?

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  • PC and Xboners Gonna Hate

    Just watch out for reviews with exclusives like this. Any PC gaming magazine will hate on this, whereas a PS based site/magazine will be too far the other way.
    I’ll be getting it tomorrow as it looks like it has a good story – that’s what the PS4 library is lacking at he moment, apart from remasters like GTAV TLoU etc. Out of interest, one should probably look atwhat these french guys gave TLoU – another exclusive.