New GTA V update frustration with Rockstar silence

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2015

We are getting to the end of February and there has still been no new GTA V update from Rockstar for weeks. We can see that players are venting their frustration over this on social media, but does the long wait mean that GTA Online Heists is coming next?

Some of you may have noticed that the GTA V community on YouTube are running out of things to talk about too, with many of you getting tired of the same content being regurgitated over and over.

Just to remind you, it has been almost two months since the last GTA V update just before Christmas Day. The current version of the game is GTA V 1.20 on previous-gen and 1.06 on PS4 and Xbox One.


GTA V players have been waiting for the GTA V 1.21 and 1.07 updates for a long time and so far Rockstar has kept silent. Some were expecting an update for Valentine’s Day since we had one last year, but again there was no new content sadly.

It leads us to suggest that the next GTA V update is going to be the big one that should add GTA V Heists on PS4 and Xbox One. After all, it’s been two months so Rockstar’s team are surely working on something big.

Can you admit to being a little frustrated that there has been no new GTA V content for two months? Or are you happy knowing that Heists is on the way and the wait will be well worth it?

Give us your thoughts on this below if you are a daily player.

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  • Gmonee

    I pre ordered the game and waited over 9 months for it to come out….over a year and 4 months later, I still don’t have heists….which were menetioned in its ads originally….I feel screwed because of their original promises for release dates…regardless of everyone’s opinions….this is fact….they have delayed stuff that they officially said would come out at certain dates…take it how u want….r* has made promises that they have broken and still not kept….even 25 months after I paid for the game, with the promised of its release only 3 months after that.GTA is fun, a great value overall….butt don’t lie to us and expect us to take it still, 2 years later….I just sold mine…won’t get GTA 6 either…sorry rockstar….too many lies and delays.

  • Tripp

    Bought a new game myself. Might have still played daily if they had any new content, anything! Let me buy a golf cart for cryin out loud. Still have gta but play it rarely now.

  • ucantfixstupid

    the people that complain should go outside every once in a while…instead of being a little brat, look up how to code and develop games. realize that it isn’t something you can whip up in 2 minutes. They’re trying to get everything right the first time. There is a lot of pressure on them right now. They can’t let this heist update be a flop. Respect the face that they’re trying to do a good job, instead of releasing crap and then going back to fix the bugs.

  • Anthony Montana

    if Rockstar doesnt add more content soon, i’n getting rid of GTA. I’ve been playing and been promised the heists since on PS3. i’ve done all there is on GTA, what now!!??

    • aj_hadden

      You’ve been playing since PS3 I’ve been playing since GTA San Andreas. Just have patience maybe they wont delay march 10

  • MD

    If Rockstar adds more interiors and keeps the Aircraft Carrier in the game, I’ll be happy and I’ll appreciate the time I had to wait.

  • Dalonad

    Just consider this time to save some cash. I’ve saved 3.5 million doing jobs. There’s no profit in free roam

    • Slam Bus Rodan

      Yeah, save now and spend later. I haven’t bought a helicopter or plane from Pegasus yet, in hopes of getting the HYDRA and Hunter in possible DLC.

    • aj_hadden

      I do a lot of missions. Do you have PSN?

  • Nathen Hoard

    Why the frustration? They’ve said everything they need to right now so there isn’t anything anyone is waiting on that hasn’t already been answered by Rockstar.

  • HI!!!

    Only the people who play it every damn day get frustrated, I personally used to play it a lot and loved how much fun it was with friends using a microphone, I mean I still play it but like 1 or twice a week, I didn’t even touch my play station this past week I have school and I go outside you should try going outside too damn.

  • ufc

    They prob gave up a lot of ppl quit playing cause the moding and hackers…pleanty of cool games out sscrew GTA and rockstar

  • Paul Williamson

    im more than happy with gta v and the fact you get all this additional stuff on top of a quality and quantity game it is just awsome, so what about a wait just think about what they are bench marking for our future gaming experience in future games can you just imagine the future 🙂

    • Micro-transactions. That’s your future with GTA.

      • Cpsteel

        So Fred. Tell me more about how R* is forcing everyone to make micro-transactions. I’ve enjoyed over a year of online play and new content without ever making a single micro-transaction. For most people, all this new content is COMPLETELY free. So….why the whining? There are obviously enough people who CHOOSE to engage in micro-transactions to keep R* pumping out free content for the rest of us. If it takes a little longer, who can really say a word about it?

        • Micro-transactions will become more entrenched into future GTA games. That’s a prediction. That is all.

        • Cpsteel

          That’s fair Fred. Video games are an increasingly risky industry. Fans always expect more, & more is always expensive. What I expect to happen, is for games to be more expensive off the shelf. Most players I know would much rather shell out an extra $20 up front rather than be milked over the course of the game’s run.

        • I absolutely enjoyed the DLC that came out for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. I gladly bought them all, and considered them a wonderful value. If they ever do get around to releasing real DLC for the single player game, I’ll probably buy it. Of course, I’ll wait long enough to know that it’s not a POS.

    • aj_hadden

      Amazing future

  • Disappointment is nothing new for GTA Online fans. The whole thing has been a lie since day one.

  • aj_hadden

    Heists isnt just for ps4 and Xbox one its for all platforms and its been in development for over a year not two months. I understand the frustration but that’s because they want a legit DLC with little to none bugs and glitches. It also adds a bundle of goodies not just the ability to rob banks. Time will tell and the more time they take the better the DLC gets but the worse the fans get. So if heists do come when it passes will people just get bored again. We should be grateful for all the free additional content.

    • So, you are grateful to not get what you paid for? You, sir, are a moron.

      • aj_hadden

        Yeah I’m grateful. I played every GTA game since San Andreas, I bought GTA V because its another in the series I didn’t just pay for an additional content so when you ask me if I’m grateful for what rockstar gave me, I say yes.

        • Good for you. Then go ahead and bend over so they can do you some more because you seem to like it so much. Loser.

        • aj_hadden

          I do I like it so much! i don’t want to bend over but thanks all the same…

        • Better than Fred

          Awwww looks like ‘lil Freddy’s butthurt because someone isn’t an ungrateful, impatient little baby like he is… get over yourself Fred, and stop bullying someone because they’re more mature than you.

        • Me Butthurt? Not at all. If there weren’t idiots like you around I wouldn’t have anything to laugh at. So, rest assured, I do so enjoy these spirited exchanges. Now, go have your mom bake you some cookies.

        • Dalonad

          Lol you admit to being so board with your life you troll random articles. What a tool

        • I’m not sure where you came up with that idea? I’m a semi-retired airline pilot, now day-trader. I still fly some charters. I have plenty to keep me occupied, and I’m never board. But, thanks for your concern.

        • Teash

          Bored* airline pilot that cant spell

        • Well, jut beat me senseless! Sometimes my fingers just start typing without input from my brain. If that’s the worst thing I do all day, consider you and the rest of the world lucky.

        • chidizzle

          Your a fag. Go downgrade games that deserve it Rockstar has kept us all active with free free free free free DLC you’re the only one complaining and you absolutely have nothing else to do cuz I find your name on every f****** blog that has to do in GTA

        • If you could think your way out of a paper bag you would realize that the free DLC isn’t free. And learn not to be such a homophobe. It makes any rational person reject your opinion out of hand.

        • Oh, forgot to mention, it’s can’t, not cant. You forgot that little apostrophe that goes between the N and the T to indicate the omission of a letter.

        • dalonadisaknob

          The word is BORED. How is the guy ‘trolling a random article’? Can you even read? You cant spell that’s for sure. His comment is more relevant than your stupid unwanted ramblings.

        • Sir

          You are the worst human being I’ve happen to come across.

        • I think you may be exaggerating just a little. I’m actually a very nice person as long as you don’t insult my intelligence.

        • Cpsteel

          Thank you so much for using “they’re” and commas properly. It’s quite refreshing when the Internet seems to be filled with simpletons.