Xbox Games with Gold update for March 2015

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2015

We spoke about the anticipation towards the March PS Plus update, but now it is time to see if Microsoft can offer something bigger and better than IDARB for the Xbox Games with Gold March 2015 update.

IDARB is proving to have been a great choice by Microsoft as February’s Games with Gold offering on Xbox One. Naturally though, some fans are getting anxious as to what the next game is going to be and inevitably want to see something better.

We’ve also seen some chatter on social media on how Microsoft should start to offer a AAA game each month, considering the fact that Xbox One users only get one free game a month, compared to two on PS Plus that Sony offers on PS4.

What games could be up for selection though? Microsoft hasn’t offered a ‘AAA’ game so to speak yet, so we doubt they would surprise everyone in March – E3 2015 would be a more logical month to drop a big game.


We can see that there’s two Xbox One games launching on March 3 – these being puzzle horror game White Night and simulation title Screamride.

Microsoft usually launches the Games with Gold update on the first day of every month though, so does that mean both titles are not up for consideration?

IDARB was revealed weeks in advance, but this time there doesn’t appear to be any clues online as to what the free Xbox Games with Gold February game on Xbox One could be.

As soon as rumors start on the game, we’ll update this for you but in the meantime let’s start the predictions on what you want to see.

Were you personally happy with IDARB as February’s game or not? List some games which you would love to see and if you agree that it’s now time for Microsoft to cough up with some AAA games.

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  • Michael White

    I wouldn’t mind if Divekick was one of the games

    I want it, but I’m not willing to spend coins on it, I’m so cheap

  • Logan

    Xbox one game should be Ryse and 360 games should be Dragons Dogma and Metro Last Light

  • Gavin Kenyon

    Pls do far cry 4

    • Michael White

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you

    • GD

      Since Ubisoft gave it away to a bunch of people (following the Assassins Creed Unity Debacle) it would be cool for MS to follow suit (although a slight f-you to the people who received it as compensation)

  • Alexander

    Idarb is actually a pretty funny game 😛 Had more fun with it than I thought i would 🙂

  • blightsun

    And all the ms fans rejoice. Im glad you enjoy sub titles like raven. Id say sniper elite was worthwhile but for pennies a more up to date version is available. Ms (money suckers) can really blow the gwv program. No gold? No games. How exactly can people say “its free!” ? Ha ha and the criticism of sony… pshaw. Play station is a technologically superior machine. Why else did microcock take so many ps3 tech ideas and put in the xbox bum? Next month should be all indie games since so many lips are puckered up to suck in anything microcock shyts out. Ahar har har! Its great walking into a store and buying what you want….. instead of being broke as hell, hanging on every piece of crap with gold ms offers.

    • Jayarih

      its free because cost of gold has noot changed since gwg started, hence ‘free’

      • blightsun

        Tell that to the 12 year old next door to me, who finally saved up enough money to buy a 360, thinking he was going to get “free” games. Even he understood that you dont get shyt unless you “PAY” For a sub. Since gold is really only a rental fee paid for multiplayer (funny as fuq) in truth these extra old, stale titles offered are costing ya 10$. Its not free at all and even if it were free of all charges, most gamers either already have the (half decade) old ass titles, or find no joy in replaying a 10 year old software. Hey FREE DINNER AT MY HOUSE but you gotto pay a 10$ entry fee. Its a shame that some people would be dumb enough to still think its a free dinner. No wonder microcock is spewing liquefied turds at folks. Folks keep eating it and saying how great it is.

        • butthurtmuch

          so all the games sitting on my 360 that i dont need the sub for right now werent free because i was already paying for gold(also you can get gold for free via bing rewards btw i havent paid in over a year). sure with the xbone you have to keep the sub but most ppl already do that so yeh it is free they have no obligation to give you the game whether its one or sixty dollar cost game or if it happen to come out a decade ago or an hour ago. your analogy also does not make any sense unless you just charge ppl $10 to enter your house for no reason whether there is food or not. you seem far more concerned with pushing a microsoft hate train than actually thinking.

        • blightsun

          You bought them 2 for $10 in reality. Next month make sure you have no gold sub. Then come tell me about “free”. Oh yeah, youll have to Pay $10 to get them. You should run for congress. With your logic youll fit right in. Hate train? Microcock blows ass chunks. Common knowledge. Your games with gold still arent free. Costs you $10 to get em. You cant change that.

        • Layitdown

          You are one of the most stupid people ever,

        • jacob browning

          you are…an idiot…. 1st…if you buy a game in the store doesnt matter if you have a sub or not you play it its done the only thing that wouldnt work would be online play which is the same thing for sony….

          2nd yesthe games are free if you have a sub…its called a subscription bonus PS plus does the same thing you a PS plus member then you get these free games so idk why your hating on xbox for it and loving sony when they have the same system on their platform

          your making fun of the fee for online yet…playstation has the same damn thing…they used to be free yes…then they started charging wheres your hate there

        • Dia

          you do realize playstation plus cost aswell for not being able to play online playstation lost its mark after ps2 sorry

        • Okidokie98

          The games are indeed not free… If an one year subscription cost $68 then every game costs: ($68 / 24=) $2.83.
          The games are not free but they got a VERY low price… ;-}

        • blightsun

          Someone finally able to be honest about it! Bravo! For some people (those who dont have to buy gold subs) the term “free” really does apply. Ill throw you a bone, cause you have more sense than most: once a month I host a design contest in Terraria. Next months contest will be pixel art. Winners of my contests received prizes including : 1 month gold cards, ms points, and 1st place takes a 1 year gold sub card. (Points I actually have to pay for and give you the code. Sub cards… I have enough of them to supply myself and several friends with at least 10 years each.) Give me your email address and ill send you my gt so you can join. Next contest begins march 5th and will have around 20 days to build. All blocks will be supplied in stacks of 22666 each. Contest will end march 25th, 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced and a video will be uploaded to youtube to showcase the winners builds. The focus this time is pixel art.

        • Nelix

          Nobody cares about your silly Terraria contests… What does that have to do with the article or this conversation?

        • phantom

          But we get to keep are games if we drop are gold membership

        • Eric Thompson

          Sounds like Sony has got their balls deep in somebody.

        • blightsun

          Sure does. I dint play Sony so……

  • Jordan Shorette

    These “product reviews” obviously never play these games bc idarb just like 90% of xbox one gwg is garbage. They sit here and mindlessly glorify these games, its ridiculous.

    • Fweds

      Same with Sony and their PS+ garbage.

      • Jordan Shorette

        well I don’t have a ps4 so im not much concerned with what they offer, if I payed for ps plus I would but I don’t so I do not care. I pay ms money every month so I will call them out on their bs

        • brian

          sonys online is crap, ne need to pay for it

      • blightsun

        U mad? Hatin on sony wont change gwg from crap to wood.

        • butthurtmuch

          everyone of your posts is hating on MS for no real reason. its a brand get over it and seriously did bill gates kick your puppy when you were little or something?

        • blightsun

          I see microcock as a greedy corporate entity (that bill gates no longer runs). You git a problem with that? Do something……. you cant. Your gwg are still shitty and are NOT free. That wont change. do did I sodomize yoyr mom when you were little? Or u Just randomly target internet text blocks to start arguments with?. Sheesh. Get over yourself. So someone doesn’t wanna suckle microcock with you…. big f ing deal.

        • slipperygypsy

          I think we are all pretty happy for you to suckle microcock on your own, no need to share!

        • Axxic

          Blightsun , you are a troll had a look at your profile and all you do is throw comments at people. Clearly you are one of those that act all big man when anonymous but I am pretty sure in real life you are a spineless little coward that couldn’t muster the word hello in public never mind disagree with someone’s opinion. Name calling and throwing insults doesn’t make you win your argument. Intellectual facts is what wins an argument. Clearly something you do not have any of.

    • D

      It’s actually a great party game. Not to mention it’s one of the few games you can play with more than 4 people. There is a lot of customization available and it runs pretty smooth. Is it the next Call of Duty, Halo, or Madden? No. But, have a few friends over and have some good laughs and you might just enjoy the game. Great value if you ask me.

      • Jordan Shorette

        eh so isn’t uno im good on the 16 bit crap lol no offense

  • Guest

    “We’ve also seen some chatter on social media on how Microsoft should start to offer a AAA game each month, considering the fact that Xbox One users only get one free game a month, compared to two on PS Plus that Sony offers on PS4.”

    Yea, but you keep the game forever. Add on to that the fact that if you own a 360 you get 3 free games a month that are yours forever no strings attached. And the 360 games you don’t even need your membership to keep playing them.

    • Will

      Based on what you have said you have no idea what you are talking about. On ps plus you also keep the games forever. On the ps3 you still need the membership but you don’t pay for multiplayer. People shouldn’t speak if they don’t know what’s going on.

      • Brad Wilson

        U gotta have playstation plus to play them though on ps4 and u keep them on xbox and still get to play them with no membership xbox wins there free games

        • Jordan Shorette

          not on xbox one you don’t, if you don’t have a paid membership you don’t get to play them until you renew the membership, 360 I believe you can play with a silver membership tho

  • marhorn

    Cover the game sale….. which destroys anything Sony is offering and plus dark dreams don’t die and newest worms… is still free! stop your war mongering!

    • Jordan Shorette

      eh game sale isn’t very impressive either, and quite honestly have not offered a decent game since max

      • Fweds

        Troll much ?

        • Jordan Shorette

          whatever you say

    • Josh101

      Sony’s $1,300 in games with PS+ across Vita/PS3/PS4 in the past year say differently. 🙂 Microsoft offered less for more. With less than $600 across both of their systems.

  • JBeauregard

    Boy, the headline is deceiving lol. Thought there was actual content to back up the headline :p