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The Order 1886 price at Zavvi beats Tesco, GAME UK

With the release of The Order 1886 set to be released this Friday, February 20th, we thought today would be the ideal time to compare the The Order 1886 price at Zavvi, Tesco and GAME UK. We wanted to include Asda into the equation; but for some reason its online store does not have the game – which is very strange indeed.

The Zavvi price for The Order 1886 is the best of the bunch because you pay just £44.99, and while this is impressive, you have to remember that it’s much harder to grab a copy. This is because there is not too many stores kicking around compared to the likes of Tesco and GAME UK, and so you will have to get a copy delivered. However, the upside is that shipping is free.

As for Tesco, The Order: 1886 for the PS4 will cost £49, which is £4.01 more expensive than Zavvi, which is a lot of money. We do not understand why there is such a gap in the price difference, although we highly doubt you will be complaining.

The Order 1886 price at GAME UK

GAME UK is the most expensive out of the three retailers to purchase The Order: 1886 on the PlayStation 4. Normally, this store would have a Special Edition version that is limited to this gaming store, but this is the same version as the other two. It’s for this reason why we have a hard time saying you should buy it from GAME UK.

If you do not have a Zavvi near you and do not mind waiting for your copy of The Order 1886 to be delivered, then we would say this is the better option of the three.

Will you be ordering from Zavvi for The Order 1886 with its low price, or will you purchase it digitally?



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