PS Vita 2015 game releases not appealing say fans

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2015

Some PS Vita owners have been worried about the way the console future is looking, in relation to upcoming PS Vita 2015 game release dates and the fact that AAA game development appears to have stopped.

Sony said themselves that they were stopping their focus on first party games for the Vita, in order to bring out more Indie games.

Then we had the news about Bioshock Vita being cancelled, Sony removing the YouTube app from the PS Vita and also the fact that Square-Enix wouldn’t be bringing Final Fantasy Type 0 HD to the Vita despite huge demand.

This week, we can see that Sony has released a teaser reel of new PS Vita games in 2015 that are on the way. Unfortunately though, we can see that feedback on this teaser reel has been negative, with many saying that “there’s no good games on the way to PS Vita this year”.


The big saving grace of course is remote play. The PS Vita is still amazing in the fact that it can stream PS4 games directly onto the handheld, with Sony promising support for almost every PS4 game that launches.

That is an amazing feature to have and obviously unrivalled at the moment. Is it enough to save the Vita though with third party and now first party AAA games becoming a rare occurrence on the system?

Watch the video below and let us know if it makes you excited or not as a PS Vita owner.

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  • Willy

    I just want a KH game and a FF7 remake

  • John O’Connell

    Hotline Miami 2, Helldivers, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Shovel Knight, Toukiden Kiwami, Olli Olli 2, Titan Souls, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, Gravity Rush 2, La-Mulana EX, Super Time Force, Banner Saga, Mighty No. 9, Axiom Verge, Volume, Severed, Rainbow Skies, Octodad, Oddword New & Tasty….. nah… no good games?!

    • Josh101

      I was going to say the same thing. With Toukiden, Dragons Crown, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, Killzone Mercenary, Persona 4, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Velocity 2X, Little Big Planet Vita and Wipeout 2048 alone, I am happy with the Vita. Those alone were worth the price of the system in my eyes. If you get the system and have those games, you will be happy with the purchase, regardless of what’s released since then. Not counting the 40 other games I have for the system.