Halo Master Chief motorcycle helmet release looms, price eludes

We can fully understand that some of you will feel as though we have waited far too long for Halo’s Master Chief motorcycle helmet to finally be released, as it is several years too late. However, there are still those of you out there that would love to have one, and so there is some good news for you.

The release date for the Master Chief Motorcycle element will finally be sometime in July, although we have yet to learn its specific date. At least you have a rough idea and so gives you a chance to save up, if you don’t mind standing out that is.

As for its price, that one still eludes us, although we cannot see it being too much, although it will still need to pass safety checks and come with the latest protection to make certain the rider stays safe.

Halo Master Chief motorcycle helmet price eludes

Just so you know, the helmet you see in the images below are for illustrations purposes, and so are not the final product, and the one above is a fan-made helmet, which we have to say looks pretty cool. Check out its key features over at NECA.

How much are you prepared to pay for this helmet and do you think it will still prove popular?



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