Avengers Alliance Spec Op 24 Heroes Required

As promised, the brand new Spec Op 24 for Avengers Alliance has just gone live. We’ve just given you the task list to work through, but now everyone wants a heads-up on the Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 24 heroes required for the Epic Boss.

This update seems to be a sizeable one, as players not only have Beta Ray Bill to get, but also Enchantress too via lockboxes.

These lockboxes will be obtained by defeating Surtur, who is the latest group boss to be added to the game. Enchantress seems an interesting choice as we’ve only seen her do bad things – but another Infiltrator is definitely welcomed.


On to the subject of heroes required. Rumors suggest that you will need Heimdall, Falcon and Thing. As you will see, the Epic Boss is Mission 3 this time so the only way that players can access it already is if they have spent tons of gold to do so.

Assuming the rumors are correct though, that’s a total of 433 CP that you will need to complete this ops if you do not have all three heroes yet.

We will update this if the information changes, but for now it is those three and we’re guessing most of you will be happy since you won’t have to spend any CP.

What are your initial thoughts on the spec ops so far? Don’t forget to check the task list for rolling updates.



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