Xbox Live down, sign-in not working for Xbox 360, One

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2015

Following on from PSN maintenance just a few days ago, it now looks like it’s Microsoft’s turn with regards to Xbox. At the time of writing, we can see that Xbox Live is down on February 17, with many gamers saying that they cannot sign in to Xbox Live at the moment.

We’ve just had a look at the official Xbox Live server status page and there does appear to be limited functionality at the moment.

However, the strange thing is that Microsoft’s page states that there is no problems with social and gaming, or Xbox Live Core services – but then many users can’t login to Xbox Live.


It’s not the first time where we have seen the official status page lagging behind, so hopefully it will list the correct issue now as at the moment many gamers cannot play.

As far as we’re aware, this is an issue that is affecting Xbox 360 users primarily. If you have an Xbox One, you may still be able to sign-in to Xbox Live.

Let us know if you are having Xbox Live problems today on Xbox 360 in your area, or if you can login without any issues. We’re also hearing that Xbox One friends list may be down again.

UPDATE: The status page has just updated itself within minutes of our article being published. It now confirms that there’s an issue with Xbox Live core services, with the Xbox 360 signin specifically mentioned.

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  • The Shackled Jackals -TSJ

    Can’t get online, doesn’t say I’m signed in when I sign in, but I am still connected to internet somehow. No player vs player though. :/

    • Shana Pashuta

      On the page they said its fixed but I’m still having problems with bo2

  • 11770

    What is the deal with the service lately? Ever since the xbone released the service has almost been down more than its been up, i’ glad I didn’t pay for this, oh wait I did… I understand that in December they were getting attacked but if they are doing something , like upgrading their servers or switching things around they should at least let the end users that pay to be on their services/servers know about it and to expect outages etc and not be left in the damned dark. Oh yeah xbox one is alot experiencing the friend list not loading and “upload” having issues as well

    • marhorn

      not as much as psn…..