The GTA V door that won’t open

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2015

We bring you one fan made GTA V video now that caught our eye. Social media trends are always ever present in GTA V and now we have spotted one hilarious video which incorporates the ‘Thug Life’ meme that is popular at the moment.

More importantly though, it highlights one door in GTA V that seemingly can’t be broken – regardless of whatever explosive, vehicle or other method players try to use to break it down.

To show you what we mean, watch the clip which we’ve added below courtesy of YouTuber Thug Life. Since publish on Valentine’s Day, it has had almost half a million views which is pretty incredible.


Why doesn’t this door open though when most other doors in the game will crumble under the slightest pressure? Maybe it’s a mystery that Rockstar has the answer to, but we actually laughed out loud when the rest of the fence fell down and the music started playing.

Have you seen this door in GTA V and wondered why it won’t open too? Enjoy the clip below and let us know what you think.

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