PS4 2.04 update won’t download with SU-30709-9 error

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2015

We have just been prompted to install a new PS4 update today on February 17. However, we can see that the PS4 2.04 update won’t download, as a new PS4 SU-30709-9 error keeps appearing.

As far as we’re aware, Sony did not give any heads-up that a new update was coming. This is unusual as in the past, users have been given a heads-up as to what new PS4 features would be coming if an update is about to drop.

Now, it looks like Sony is having some problems as the update has gone live before it was supposed to, which is why we’re getting complaints saying that the PS4 2.04 update won’t install for them.

You can see a screenshot of the problem below which is what we and many others are seeing at the moment. We’re guessing that Sony are aware of the problem and will pull the update as soon as possible and come back with a PS4 2.04 update file that works.


As of now, there has been no update from the Ask PlayStation Twitter page, which is usually very responsive when it comes to any issues with the network.

The big problem is that PSN is down until Sony fixes this problem, since PSN friends is asking for an update which nobody can install.

Are you having this problem right now? Let us know what is happening on your console and if you are getting the same error code as above, or a different one. We’ll update this when we have news from Sony.

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  • CrazyDutchwoman

    Brand new ps4 . Was really exited even though I do not yet own a game but excitement turned in to annoyance when I discovered I could download the 2.04 but not install. It keeps being stuck at 94%. Asked everyone, asked on various sites but it seems nobody knows or was able to help me out. I am going to return my first ps4 because I can’t log on without this stupid update but not sure if another console will not have this same problem?

  • Jason Flynn

    Why does my ps4 system update keep downloading 2.04 over and
    over? Everything download and installs
    like normal but when it restarts and adds the update to the download
    list. I have downloaded and installed the same update 20 times now. I
    cant sign into the psn on the ps4 cause it says I need to install the
    update and its annoying.
    If I go to Error History it says Error Code CE-35239-2

  • Luiz

    my problem is my ps4 i have change the hd e dont have a file recovery in site of sony and now i dont have a console of ps4 working..

  • 05

    I have this proble

    • Lionel Sammy

      I join Sony France for a return of my PS4 because they don’t know how to solve it… Did you manage to update ?

  • Lionel Sammy

    I’m in France and I’ve been downloaded it 20 times and it is not installed yet, it download update file, say to update so I update, it says it will install and turns off ps4 to install and when it turns on it say that it is installing and when I ‘m on the Welcome Page of ps4, it says that I muste update and download update file again and again and again without any error message… I’m desesperate, nobody seems to have the same issues I have with this, what can I do? please help me if you can…

    • CrazyDutchwoman

      Well. Seeing you wrote this 13 days ago what did you do? I have the same problem on my new ps4.

  • Moe

    region 2 European devices is working fine, fast download and no issues….location Dubai

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    Since the PS4 automatically updates, don’t try signing in to PSN but instead go the [Notification] section and the 2.04 file will be downloading in the [Downloads] area, if you’re having error issues make sure your LAN or Wireless is connected properly(Remove proxies if any) and download the update. By I think most users would have the issue fixed but for those struggling try this method, I got the update on my 2nd try.

  • Sylvou

    Worked out fine for me.

  • arvind munglah

    ps4 new update 2.21 now…….

  • Arijit Gupta

    Its downloaded but its stopped at preparing to install….been 0% for last 15 mins

  • Alex Burgos

    Its working right now in Mexico , i did nothing but wait , re try then its warframe time

  • Hamza

    Finally updated my PS4..back online!

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    Since I haven’t heard anything about an upcoming update, I’m assuming it’s just another small system stability or whatever they normally are? I have yet to go on my PS4 to check it lol

  • Danz

    No one has to touch or do anything to make it work. No unplugging no turning off anything no deleting no nothing all you gotta do is the one thing you all haven’t done yet …….. Wait.

  • Arijit Gupta

    Not a big difference with da update….actually no difference

  • Fancho76

    After 1 hour it seems to be working ! The system was updated.

  • yay

    It works now here in Texas