Minecraft PE 0.11.0 fishing update for rare fish, treasure items

By Alan Ng - Feb 16, 2015

We’ve already told you that the highly anticipated Minecraft PE 0.11.0 update release date won’t be arriving until March at the earliest – that info coming from Mojang themselves.

We’ve also told you that when it does arrive, some of the new Minecraft PE 0.11.0 features will include player skins, boats, squid and possibly poisonous spiders.

Now, we have had confirmation from one PE developer who has said that Minecraft PE fishing is also in development at the moment.


Above is the evidence from Tomasso Checchi, who has informed his followers on Twitter that a new member has joined the team and is working specifically on the fishing aspect of the game.

This should be very exciting for those that have enjoyed the fishing feature on PC versions of the game. To remind you, you’ll have the chance of catching various types of fish but also rare treasure as well if you are lucky.

Some of the fish will include Salmon, Pufferfish and in very rare cases Clownfish as well. Hopefully we’ll get some screenshots of fishing on Minecraft PE for you soon.

In the meantime, give us your reaction to the fact that fishing is coming to the Pocket Edition – is this great news for you personally?

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  • HaleyCakes

    Coming out this week!!!!! ¡



  • Alina Bowen

    When is the update coming out!? 😣

  • AngryMinecraftPlayer

    People on android are lucky

  • AngryMinecraftPlayer

    Seriously, My sister is going to be so happy, she loves fishing on Minecraft, and her Birthday is on April 4 so I said to her she might be getting an update for her birthday but that is not very possible, since Mojang is taking so long to do it, I mean, they might of submitted it to Apple yesterday but normally it takes so long or a couple of days to get reviewed.

    APPLE, LISTEN TO ME IF YOU READ THIS, they(Apple) need to post the updates or apps as soon as they are submitted, I don’t care if they haven’t been reviewed, apps can, updates. NEGATORY, so Apple if you read this post, post the minecrfat update straight away if it’s been submitted, if it hasn’t been reviewed, just post the update, easy Peasy.

    • AngryMinecraftPlayer

      I spelt minecraft wrong in the last paragraph.

  • Minecraft dev

    I think I’ll come on Easter
    Guys just wait you try being a dev at mojang


    At the latest it will be July 27th.

    • Aleksander

      Hey! Its my birthday!

      • AngryMinecraftPlayer

        Well Happy Birthday for 3 Days ago

        • AngryMinecraftPlayer

          Wait I know what you mean, happy birthday for July 27th, mines 10days before yours!

        • AngryMinecraftPlayer

          I think……..

  • cowboy92

    when will it come out

  • The amazing cow

    There will be no potions until neather, that is currently impossible without using up to much data

  • Anonymous

    They published it on Friday the 13th it’s coming soon

    • AngryMinecraftPlayer

      Friday the 13 of what?

      • AngryMinecraftPlayer

        Why don’t the profile things change straight to the official profile and turn blue, that is me, DISQUS Or Product reviews need to fix this

    • AngryMinecraftPlayer

      Btw it’s actually coming out on April 15

      • jaden

        How do you make the nether in mcpe 0.11.1

  • seth

    Will there be potions the nether, enderpearls and the end i hope there is

  • Thomas

    I can’t what for the new update I’m so pumped for it!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlikIsAwesome

    It is March the 4th!

    • Tae



    Maby the first 0r the second or the third I have no clue But for shure it’s in march


    In March

  • kylian12

    Whats the time that 0.11.0 coming

    • AngryMinecraftPlayer

      April 15

  • mario

    You should have rain in pocket edition for fun like in pc


      Ya we should

      • kyle

        cant wait

        • poopbutt


    • seth

      That would be cool