Driveclub 1.11 update on Feb 16 live with notes

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 16, 2015

The latest Driveclub 1.11 update is live on Feb 16, which includes a list of patch notes and a PS4 file size of 6.56 GB. We have included a couple of PS4 screenshots below and one we snapped from the patch history page, as found after right clicking the game icon.

In a nutshell, the Driveclub 1.11 patch up for download today includes a free new Multiplayer game mode called Team Time Trial and a new track for Kobago in Japan. As with most updates, you will also find some minor bug fixes, usability tweaks, and performance improvements for the PS4 system.

Driveclub 1.11 update on Feb 16 live

Driveclub 1.11 patch notes 2

This is a pretty big install, so we recommend gamers get downloading sooner rather than later. Other features noticed within the Driveclub 1.11 update notes include ghosting in certain multiplayer conditions, drying time is shorter for rain splatter on screens, the ability to add a Rev Counter in cockpit view has been added, new option for factory Paint Jobs when choosing a vehicle before an event starts, and players can now downshift sooner.

New progress requirements for add-on Tours – to open up the final Championship you will need 22 Stars and second stage progress is reduced to 8 stars. If you have any problems with the new update, then share a comment below and of course we welcome wish lists for the 1.12 patch as well.

There’s also support added within this patch for add-ons coming to PlayStation Store between Feb 24-26, as seen in the full list of changes above.

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  • Devolution

    Good to see their putting all their effort into the 6 month late PS+ version. Oh wait…
    Sony and Evolution’s lying aside…is there any hope that these massive updates may push the game beyond the PS1 frame rate of 30FPS? Not only did a game like Demoliton Derby have the same frame rate as Drive Club, it was actually fun.

  • AMG-Pr3d

    At least there better than pathetic 300MB downloads which waste time and don’t fix a thing… Atleast there making an effort to fix the game.

  • Rick

    That is a massive download, is it me or are these driveclub patches getting bigger each month.