Battlefield Hardline RPG lock-on with tracer dart

Most of you were probably racing to unlock the AK47 and the M416 in Battlefield Hardline, whilst at the same time asking yourself how to buy the RPG in Battlefield Hardline too.

You may not realise though, that there isn’t a way to buy it. Developers Visceral have made the interesting decision on restricting access to this dangerous projectile – for obvious reasons.

Instead, you’ll have to either find it hidden in map locations, or pick it up from the trunk of your motor which is a great little touch.


Some players have already found out why the RPG is restricted, since it’s been confirmed that in Battlefield Hardline, you can lock on with the RPG using the tracer dart.

Once the dart successfully hits a moving vehicle, be it a car, truck or helicopter – you can then lock on with the RPG for a guaranteed hit.

One rocket to a car is enough to take out victims, whilst one RPG hit to a helicopter can disable it instantly. It may prove to be a problem in terms of balance, but for now it is still fairly hard to obtain given that the tracer dart is expensive.

Watch some gameplay from the beta to see how the tracer dart and the RPG can combine to devastating effect. Let us know if you think this is ‘overpowered’ or not and if Visceral needs to make changes before launch.



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