EA servers down on Feb 14 for FIFA 15

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 14, 2015

It is Saturday morning, you wake up and expect to play FIFA 15 but end up finding the EA servers down today on Feb 14. This is the situation for many of Product Reviews readers across the UK right now, as we have been informed by email in the last few minutes.

The FIFA 15 problems started early on Saturday in the UK, or for late night gamers in the United States. While there were a few reports coming in on Twitter about server issues in the US, this outage seems to be focused in Europe with Germany and the UK being most hit.

EA servers down on Feb 14 for FIFA 15

We have investigated official support channels for EA and FIFA 15, although the only reports about problems talk about “issues affecting the FUT Store”. This glitch took place more than 15 hours ago, so it cannot be related to the problems hitting EA and FIFA 15 servers right now.

Are you able to play FIFA 15 online today and if not, what location are services down for you on Feb 14? We have contacted EA Sports FIFA on Twitter and EA directly, although there hasn’t been a response at this time.


We have included some tweets above left on Twitter a few moments ago, which reveal players trying to find out exactly what’s going on with EA servers right now. As you can see, it looks like this is EA server problems and impacting more than just FIFA 15. Battlefield and Madden have also been mentioned.

Update: EA Support issued a statement late last night explaining the “FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps”. They mentioned that this will be the case, “until further notice”, as they are performing “important maintenance”.

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  • Aryan pant

    FUT Transfer Market down in India Too

  • Alan Lewis

    Its all about EA killing the auction market so they can increase their pack sales. Same as last year when they shut down web auctions in May for FIFA 14 and NEVER restored it. I can’t imagine any developer staying employed if they are so incompetent that it takes them weeks and if last year is the standard, months to do “maintenance”. EA obviously thinks that we consumers are too stupid to see through their BS. Everyone should boycot FIFA coin and pack sales…until further notice and see how EA likes that.

    • Jimbo

      Still down in Australia

  • Alex Agaff Real Madrid

  • JoepNT_MAD

    Still down in holland lads 🙁

  • Sect0r63

    down in Germany

  • rcs____

    Down in portugal too.

  • Basti Berger

    Still down in austria, vienna

  • Devang

    down in CANADA

  • David Burke

    The reason it’s down is because they’re doing winter upgrades. It should be back soon guys. Keep patient

    • Devang

      OHH when will the upgrades coming… someone told me monday… that means no fifa till monday lol

      • David Burke

        Unfortunately, that is probably going to be the case

      • MHMPK1

        They’re coming right now…

  • vaskyboy

    Down in Colombia

  • Mimo Raafat

    down in egypt too

  • josh

    Down in spain

  • btch

    down in the UK damn it! why is this always happening. ;l even pay for ps plus for this bs all the time.

  • Mathias

    Down in denmark

  • Marcus

    Down in Blackpool

  • KEVY

    really pissing me off…




  • Ftcgcrcrcrcrcrrc

    They’re doing January upgrades.

    • blaufhoasdfjhsklgj

      how do you know

  • cripud

    Down in switzerland

  • Sakutora

    See this why they should put fut separate from fifa 15, bloody kids glitching the fut and ruining it all who want to play online seasons. Get rid of fut for sure do it separately.

  • Mina Sekibo

    Plants VS Zombies Garden warfare and Fifa don’t work

  • Bobbydazzlar

    Down in christchurch Nz

  • Lalas

    Servers down. US

  • Lewis

    EA servers are a joke, I can’t access anything, wanted to play as the weekend.

  • Rob

    Cant access the FIFA transfer market in kent.

  • Branden

    FUT down in London, UK.