Xur selling Ice breaker with new Friday the 13th items

It’s that time again for Destiny players now, as Xur has just spawned in the tower. As always, we are one of the first online to give you Xur’s location on Feb 13 and tell you what items Xur is selling today compared to last week.

It’s fair to say that Xur is due a good showing. Last week, he offered the Plan C and the week before that we had the Dragon’s Breath rocket launch.

Now, we can confirm that Xur’s exotic weapon this week is the Icebreaker again! You will find Xur in the tower at the bar area, which shouldn’t be too difficult to find.


Xur’s full inventory for Feb 13 can be found in the video below which we will add as soon as possible. We can tell you though that it includes the Helm of Inmost light and the Crest of Alpha Lupi.

It’s just passed 9am in the UK, 1am in Pacific and 4am Eastern time, so Xur should now be live in the game for you – remember that he doesn’t always spawn exactly on the dot.

So there we have it for another week. Are you satisfied with what Xur is offering today? Let us know if you bought anything and what you are hoping to see next week.

Did Xur win you over this week or not? It’s unbelievable that he has the Ice breaker again, a true troll from Xur.



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