Nailing Tesla home battery unveil and production

While Tesla Motors Inc. shares have fallen this has not stopped the vision from the owner, There seems to be no stopping this company, what with the upcoming Model X SUV and now a move into offering power for the home with a Tesla home battery.

Nailing the Tesla home battery unveil and when it goes into production is not easy, seeing as though we have no clue how far Tesla is into its development. However, Elon Musk did say that its unveiling should be within the next month or two, and that production should being in around 6 months.

While it is good to have a rough idea of those important factors in the Tesla home battery, we still do not know when its release will be, and if business or the home version will be first.

Nailing Tesla home battery

Musk was not all that forthcoming with details of this new venture and how much of the home would be powered by this battery, and whether it would be enough to power the home at all times or just when there are power outages.

Then again, it could be used in conjunction with the national grid to help reduce energy bills, but I guess it is better to wait until the presentation in March or April rather than surmise.



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