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PlayStation website down during PSN maintenance today

The website has gone down during the PSN maintenance today, and some of Product Reviews readers might not have expected both the online websites and PSN gaming servers to enter maintenance together. If you are trying to connect to PSN while it’s down, then you will get different messages that include the PSN CE-34861-2 error.

You can see the scheduled times for the PSN maintenance on Feb 12 in this article. In a nutshell, you can expect the PlayStation Network to come back up at 8:30pm UK and 3:30pm EST, USA.


It is unclear if both PSN and the PlayStation website will return at the same time, or if selected online services will return before the gaming servers. You can still access many of Sony’s websites, which include Sony Entertainment Network, but not the US and EU version of PlayStation along with support subdomains.

Did you know in advance about the PSN maintenance today and if not, how has it impacted your gaming for Feb 12? Some of you might be able to still play if you signed in before the downtime started. The screenshot above reveals the maintenance error message on right now, or see below for a screenshot on PS4 for error CE-34861-2.



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