Final Fantasy Type 0 HD gameplay with Ifrit

Have you made up your mind on whether to buy Final Fantasy Type 0 yet? We know that a lot of gamers are willing to buy the game simply due to the playable FFXV demo but should Square-Enix be given a lot more credit for Final Fantasy Type 0 as a whole?

Let’s not forget that as a PSP game, Type 0 received excellent reviews over in Japan. We keep hearing how everyone is still getting the game just for the demo, or they won’t be buying it full stop because Square-Enix isn’t bringing the game to PS Vita.

We have a feeling that once the game is out though, it may just surprise a few of you. The combat system firstly is excellent and probably completely different to what some old school FF fans will be used to seeing.


The game also includes some of the classic summons as well, such as Ifrit who is highlighted in this new gameplay clip that we have found.

Pause the footage at the 2 minute mark and you’ll witness the moment when Ifrit is summoned and then hits a Hellfire attack on all enemies around.

You’ll also be able to control Ifrit as well, which you couldn’t do in previous Final Fantasy games. Check out the gameplay below and let us know your expectations of Type 0 HD.

Do you admit that you’re only buying for the demo, or are you buying the game because you heard great things about the Japanese version?



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