New GTA V DLC update for Valentine’s Day 2015

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2015

With Valentine’s Day 2015 just days away, GTA V players have started to get itchy on the prospect of Rockstar releasing a themed new GTA V DLC update in celebration of the event.

While we didn’t see any Halloween DLC from the developer, you may want to be reminded that Rockstar did bring out GTA V Valentine’s DLC in 2014, in the form of a GTA V Massacre DLC update.

This update added some special weapons to the game such as the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun and also some unique vehicles too like the Albandy Roosevelt.


With this in mind, players are expecting to see a new GTA V Massacre update in 2015 – especially given the fact that we have now gone several weeks without a major update to the game.

We know that Rockstar are probably very busy putting the final touches on Heists, but do you think they should spend some time by releasing a small Valentine’s update on Friday February 13?

Hopefully it does happen, but obviously it’s no guarantee at this point until Rockstar gives the official word. If you have been bored playing GTA Online lately, let us know if you would like to see some Valentine’s Day DLC for GTA Online.

What could Rockstar add to the game that would be different to the Massacre theme that we saw last year?

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  • Lepricorn64

    … At this moment it’s more than 60 days ago an update appeared. Last update (Christmas) lastet 76 days. By far the longest time for an update. 49 days is normal, but some updates took only a month. In Total 8 updates in 2014.

  • Lepricorn64

    Yes, the updates are free. That’s Nice and correct. However without any updates, the game is à bit boring 🙁
    Besides that I wonder what to do with 20 mln GTA dollars if I can’t buy any more property with it ! I would like to own four or five appartments / garages. The limitation s.cks à bit 🙁

  • hep

    For over a year now rockstar has added fairly regular free updates that may not add a ton to the game, but are none the less free. I can’t believe all the complaining that’s going on. If this were any other game you would either have to pay for the updates or their wouldnt be any. To be honest the heists sound pretty cool and if I don’t have to pay for the update, I don’t care how long it takes!

    • Brandon Metcalf

      They haven’t released the paid updates either. I think they forgot about their game. Plenty to complain about if you spent the money for the game and there hasn’t been a whole lot of new content added to it.

    • Telethuggie

      think complaining comes from the love/hate for the game. me personally, i love playing GTA when there is a new DLC out because i have items to work towards. when there is no DLC the game is very boring so it becomes frustrating when you have a game you invested so much in and has the potential to be my best game when instead its boring and just collects dust until a DLC comes out


    I think after Arkham Knight or the next Tomb Raider or Halo game is released, the GTA Online servers will be put to rest. Heck Destiny took a good chunk of the game’s online players because Rockstar is pitty-patting in shallow water with making HEIST available for some unknown reason. I highly doubt that will see HEIST next month, since its about a month away from the PC release and still no confirmed date from Rockstar. This game going stale because Rockstar refuses to just ‘Toggle On’ all of the scripts in the game code to make the experience more enjoyable. I mean, would it hurt to quadruple the payouts and increase the RP gained from each mission so you can level up quicker and make more money to buy some vehicles that you can use to have more fun with in game? Doesn’t seem like thats asking for too much.

    • Simple Jack

      People were still playing GTA IV online right up to the release of GTA V and that was five whole years. The only thing that’s going to put GTA V’s online servers to rest is GTA VI.

  • Michelle Oorburg

    Als long as i get the frikn roosenvelt car damn i wanted that today and i guess thats not happening as well rockstar how many times will u dissapoint your fans i tel u now that the heist update better be good with all the cars and housing that i expect to arrive or i will be forced to never play gta again especially in the future and i will boycot u as well because u dont keep ur promisses rockstar u were the best games out there but u flopped on this one Big time

  • RandomGuy

    I think maybe they should do an update that is actually themed after valentines day and not the roaring 20’s like the last one. Come on rockstar. Don’t disappoint your fans again.

  • Nathics

    I think GTA online is dying and they don’t want to spend any more money than they have to. They probably feel obligated to release the heists and then that’s it for GTA online.

  • rasputin85

    they should just re release the first update for the people like me who missed last years to be fair

  • TheZanySpirit

    Btw i do kno now that u can transfer both.

  • TheZanySpirit

    tthat u could only transfer one char so i deleted my female n kept my guy but now i dnt have the valentine Day items such as the stockings etc for my new female acc i really want those back 🙁

    • Grant Sheppard

      You’re female character could still be on the server, ask Rockstar!

  • TheZanySpirit

    I really hope they do. I was under the info

  • Keith

    I would say add casino…
    And maybe realese a lottery into game winner gets 5 Million$ and realese some new weapons and cars be able to buy jets or submarine that would be epic to. If you could make a way to customize the jets etc….


    Rockstar should start offering free GTA Cash to Online players. They’ve failed to deliver HEIST after a year and a half and still won’t create any missions that allow you to make decent money a legitimate way.

  • SkullChieftain

    hay if rockstar is in it for the money why has all the dlc been free the shark cards are there for the ppl who want to pay for the dlc but oherwise its completely free

    • Adam Paradise

      Who are you even replying to? We know all this already; you’ve not taught anyone anything… I feel like you’re defending R* to an invisible attacker. Utter nonsense. Knock it off.

      • Adam Paradise

        Never mind. Read the comments backwards. Guys an idiot – you’re right.

  • Brad Michael Preston

    Course they wont add it rockstar wont add anything else untill heists are finished unless its just the same old three vehicles new weapon crap they’ve done for the past year ya know how about some actual game changing dlc for once rockstar ya know something we wont get bored of after a week like say the casino but this is rockstar people only interested In money funny how they said gta online is a continually expanding and evolving world yet the only big changes they seem to have made was adding the two most expensive cash cards to the store