Mortal Kombat X Reptile live stream times for UK, US

At the end of January, we told you that Reptile had been officially confirmed for Mortal Kombat X. At the time of the announcement, NetherRealm Studios didn’t reveal Reptile’s variations for Mortal Kombat X in detail but now we are happy to say that all will be revealed soon.

The developers are holding another live stream on Twitch this Thursday and they are making sure everyone knows about it as it’s going to be the time when we find out all three variations for Reptile.

Not only that, but Kitana’s variations for Mortal Kombat X are also going to be revealed so it is definitely worth watching.


Here’s the important details: You’ll be able to tune in on Twitch here at 3pm CST on Thursday February 12 – that means for those on PST it is 1pm, 4pm Eastern Time and 9PM GMT Thursday evening for our readers over in the UK.

Reptile is going to be one of the primary fighters for many players so we have a feeling there’s going to be considerable interest in finding out his 3 variations.

We wonder if one of the variations will be his classic ninja form, or if NetherRealm are saving this as an alternative costume unlock instead.

The only way to find out, is to tune in on Thursday afternoon. Make a note of the times above and then let us know your thoughts on Reptile in Mortal Kombat X.

Is he one of your favorite characters hands down?



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