Minecraft 1.14 PS4 update notes with Minecart change

There has been a new Minecraft update for PS4 and now we’re pleased to bring you the full details of what has changed. 4J Studios has just released the Minecraft 1.14 PS4 patch notes and we can see that the developer has increased the minecarts limit among other things.

If you haven’t booted up Minecraft on PS4 this week, the next time you login you should be prompted to install the 1.14 update – you can check what version the game is after installation after pressing the option button on the PS4 controller under the main Minecraft icon, then select check version history.

Aside from increasing the minecart limit, we can see that 4J Studios have also introduced more redstone fixes and also made specific fixes for village generation and witch hut spawns.


You can check out the full Minecraft 1.14 PS4 update notes above, taken from the official Minecraft forum. Let us know what you think about the changes and what you are most looking forward to seeing in the next update.

Overall, are you happy with 4J Studios support for the game, compared to Mojang who handle the PC version and mobile versions?



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