Xur in Destiny on February 13

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

If one thing Bungie has got right, it’s the replayability features of Destiny. Where Rockstar fails without a weekly GTA V event, Destiny’s Xur location on February 13 ensures that players keep coming back for more and coming back with a smile on their face.

We know that Xur hasn’t offered the wares that you would have liked the last few weeks, but he did offer the Ice Breaker a few weeks ago and that was a major deal considering it’s still arguably the best weapon in Destiny right now.

The week just passed, our Agent of the Nine offered the Plan C exotic fusion rifle – you can catch up on the news if you missed that here.

This Friday is another new location though and renewed optimism for many players, as they look to pick up the Gjallarhorn or the equally as impressive Suros Regime.


As always, the Xur location spawn time remains the same – Those on Eastern Time can expect him to appear in the tower at 4am on Friday February 13.

Pacific Time players should see Xur pop up from 1am and everyone else in the UK will see Xur in the tower at 9am GMT.

Do you feel you have a love hate relationship with Xur week on week? As we prepare for his arrival, tell us what you have bought from him so far and the remaining item that you want from him but he never has it.

Simple question: Is the Icebreaker and Gjallarhorn overrated in your opinion?

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  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    Just wanna say S/O to my n!gga Xur for hookin ya boi up with “Icebreaker”..😁


  • kevin

    whats he got?

  • Jordan

    is he here yet?

    • Hawkfan78

      Down in that bar under the hanger

  • asdfghjkl

    ice breaker

    • Kimmy Moores

      Really….. Sigh, well I need to get it on my other accounts anyways I suppose. What about the exotic gear? And pleeeeaaaase tell me he selling some synths

  • Kimmy Moores

    Anyways, anyone see what’s being sold???

  • Savy

    if xur sells the gally im gunna quit the game and jump off a bridge, cause way to many people want it and only a few have the weapon if people want it so bad why look away when xur sold it 2nd or 3rd week from the games launch i swear if xur sells that stupid gun to the public the game is obviously broken, i got mine when he had it like a smart person if all these randoms get it theres nothing left in destiny to do

    • RedSamurai

      You represent what is wrong with Destiny… and humanity..

    • Si

      Are you really that ignorant? Basically you have it and don’t want other people having it? A lot of people either didn’t buy the game on release or didn’t have the coins at the time it was on sale.

    • Kimmy Moores

      Such a stupid reason to not want it sold.
      The game is already damned broken and that’s nobody’s fault but the developers.
      If I wanna finish my collection and am having a hard time otherwise then I’m hoping Xur sells it this week so everyone cans stfu

  • Bret?!?!

    I have a truth 331 just as useful I. Crota hard I don’t need a gjalla

    • tinsel tina

      banana crap

    • RedSamurai

      Now go solo Crota with it. (2 gjallarhorn = 2 truth + 3 grenades)
      I’m a truth user, believe me I know.

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    I hope Xur be the pallbearer at my funeral,…so he can let me down one last time!…with the exotic’s


  • Deanpool

    Yeah, right!! Ill greet Xur with a smile on my face when he turns up with something besides horseshit.

    • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

      Lmao lol!!!

      • tinsel tina

        hes gonna have something hes never had before tomarrow!!! you see, you all will see….it won’t be suros, ghorn, or ice breaker for sure…i really hope not atleast

        • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

          Lol yea rite….😒!…Ayy but forreal tho Bungie is talking about ppl being able to “Customize your own Exotic weapon”…

        • tinsel tina

          that would be cool because im gonna merge my suros with my ghallahorn so suros fires full magazines of ghorn rockets…as a primary weapon of course

        • maddysoul

          Sounds like a no land beyond

        • tinsel tina

          thats not automatic

        • tinsel tina

          What I said was sarcastic because deep down i knew it was gonna be icebreaker