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First Breath of Fire 6 gameplay reignites mobile pain

It has been a long time since we last heard anything on the status of Breath of Fire 6. In fact, we’re not sure we have even seen any actual in-game gameplay until now.

We’ve spotted that Capcom has steathily shown off a few seconds of Breath of Fire 6 gameplay in a new show reel trailer that was uploaded to YouTube recently.

If you pause the video below at the 0.45 mark, you’ll see some brief footage of Breath of Fire 6 which as far as we’re aware – is completely brand new.

It shows four characters on the screen at once, battling 8 enemies on the screen which we thought looked great. There’s also a very brief look at a boss battle against a fire dragon, so it’s well worth a look.


We know that many Breath of Fire fans are still upset that the 6th game in the series has turned out to be a mobile game, rather than a fully-fledged console game on PS4 and Xbox One.

Having said that, this gameplay does remind us a lot about Breath of Fire 3 and we all know how good that game turned out to be.

What we still don’t know is how Capcom plans to monetize the game and that could turn out to be the crucial factor. Enjoy the few seconds of footage below and give us your thoughts on the game – are you still willing to buy it when it lands on iOS and Android?



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