Best ZigZag highscore after frustration

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2015

There’s another addictive app available on the Android and iOS app marketplaces. It’s called Zigzag and just like the likes of Flappy Bird, Zigzag is highly frustrating but brilliantly addictive nevertheless.

The concept is simple, you all you have to do is survive as long as possible by tapping the screen left and right to make your way across the course.

One tap will move the ball right, while a second tap will move it left – hence the term zigzag. You have to keep doing this and navigate through the level collecting purple gems to add to your score.


After a while, your brain will start to play mind games with you and more often than not, you’ll jump the gun and press left or right too quickly, causing you to fall off the stage.

The map will change color as you progress and the course seems to get more difficult once you get into the hundreds. Our best Zigzag highscore was just over 100, but we have already seen some players get over 200 which is pretty impressive.

What is your top Zigzag score at the moment since playing? The game is only a few days old, but we can see that it has already become highly popular with users.

Is the Zigzag world record 217 or have you beaten it already? Post your progress below.

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  • shannon


  • 7604 (no glitch used)

  • yeah u not good

    230 here so I doubt 217 is the record being I’m not the best at anything

  • Bella


  • Pranav


  • Mango140


  • Luke

    my record is 23616

  • Travis

    My girlfriends little brother scored 23910. don’t ask me how but it happened

  • Traxz

    i just broke 4000!

  • Ade Gavin

    hi people ive just broke the 3000

  • Deena

    943 😁

  • Traxz

    Hello! there ZigZag fans i’ve got 2411 which is know as World Record at the moment ! 🙂

    please chekc it out on youtube thanks!

  • Smakavdet


  • ryan


  • fuckguck12


  • mattk


  • Jack


    • Pranav