Battlefield Hardline beta easter eggs you missed

Are you ready to buy into Battlefield Hardline on day one after playing the beta for a week? EA has just revealed that there were some Battlefield Hardline beta easter eggs that Visceral Games threw in for fun, the question is – did you spot them?

They may not be ‘true’ easter eggs depending on what you interpret as an easter egg, but they are definitely fun nevertheless.

YouTuber StoneMountain64 has collated the footage showing three bizarre, but very awesome reload animations in the beta that EA has now picked up on and shared on the official Battlefield page on Facebook.


Two of the clips stand out in particular, one with an amazing RPG reload animation where the player throws up the rocket in the air straight into the launcher with perfect precision.

The second is using ‘jedi force’ to somehow push the ammo clip into the assault rifle without using any hands – watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

We can’t wait for the full release to see what other easter eggs are hidden in the game – proper ones as well obviously.

Did you have a good time with the beta? Tell us about your best moments and favorite aspect of the beta below.



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