PSN down with maintenance times for UK, US on Feb 12

We have a quick heads-up to let PlayStation gamers know that PSN servers will be down again later this week for maintenance on Thursday February 12.

It’s obviously not the first time that the service has gone down for maintenance and we have a feeling that PS4 and PS3 gamers will be used to it by now.

The good news is that the maintenance will only last for three and a half hours according to Sony. On the PS support website, it states that the network will be down from 5pm and PSN will be back up at 8.30pm GMT for those in the UK.


That means for everyone in the US, expect PSN to go down at 11 AM until 2:30pm Eastern Time, or 8am until 11.30am Pacific Time.

During the maintenance window, you will still be able to play online games but only if you remain signed into PSN well before the scheduled times so that your session is cached with SEN.

Your PSN console also needs to be activated as the ‘primary’ console, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most anyway. So there we have it – another maintenance to endure this Thursday.

Give us your thoughts on the new bout of downtime. Are you happy to accept regular maintenance if it improves the security of PSN against future attacks?



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