New Nintendo 3DS Kyogre Edition unboxed

After the madness surrounding the lovely limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS console, you may have forgotten that there’s still plenty of other rare 3DS systems that are still not available over in the US or UK.

One of these is the New Nintendo 3DS Primal Kyogre Edition, which as far as we’re aware is still exclusive to Japanese residents only.

It became available to purchase in November 2014 and the only way to get one is if you contemplate importing which is obviously very expensive and time consuming, since stocks are still rare over in Japan let alone in other countries.


This week though, we can bring you some nice pictures of one lucky user who has just received theirs – we’re guessing by importing and playing the waiting game.

You can see a close up view of the stylish suede style pattern with Primal Kyogre on the front, while the package also includes a voucher to get a special Kyogre theme for the home screen too.


We’re sorry to make you even more jealous about this, but it could be a reminder to start demands for Nintendo to bring this version over to the UK and US as soon as possible.

Enjoy the pictures and let us know what you think of them. Would you pay good money to own one of these suede new 3DS consoles?



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