Evolve PC gameplay on max settings, 60FPS

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2015

The Evolve reviews are coming in thick and fast, with users wanting to get the lowdown on what critics are saying before making their purchase.

For PC gamers specifically, we can now bring you a quick heads-up as to how Evolve looks when running on max settings and with 60FPS throughout.

The ending result looks very good on first impressions. The graphics are beautiful as you can see from the video below, while more importantly the game is running so smooth at 60FPS without any slow downs in gameplay whatsoever.


The footage below has been taken from a PC, which looks to be running on a NVIDIA GTX Titan Black graphics card. All of the advanced settings in Evolve’s options menu are set to high, that includes particle quality, shadow quality and texture detail.

This clip is also cool in the fact that it shows off a battle against the Kraken monster for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Let us know if you plan to pick up the PC version of this game and how you think it runs on max settings.

Are you impressed?

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  • Devolve

    I hope they get some PC sales as I am not buying a twitch shooter that is 30FPS. That is what I had back when I got my PS3. It is pathetic considering this is not some massive open world. It is a few crappy maps…that’s it. The fact that the devs favoured the PC release and could not get it to more than 30FPS on the PS4 just shows how average they are. So anyone buying this on either console is, in my opinion, a moron. Just buy a $200 PC and you get 60FPS. It is this years Titanfail. I’m out. In fact, I am finding that devs this gen are all pretty crap, actually. We are yet to get a 60FPS, 1080p consistency when last gen we got 720p/30FPS consistently with machines that were more than 10 times less powerful. Ironically, the title is called Evolve. Well, I wish devs could “evolve” when it comes to frame rate. Why did we all buy new consoles when we are getting 20 year old frame rates.
    Other devs use the lame excuse of 30FPS better for cinematics, but the same cannot be said for first person shooters. The CoDs I played on my PS3 were 60FPS for multiplayer. This is such a FAILURE from a bunch of lazy devs. I hope the game loses a lot of money, because if itmakes money other devs will just do 30FPS. I ask PS4/X1 gamers to boycott this insult to shooter fans.