Apple EV or self-driving car speculation misguided

There have been rumors in the past suggesting that Apple could eventually come up with its very own electric vehicle, although that is all they have been, far-fetched rumors. However, with fresh reports suggesting that Apple is working on a vehicle-related project, this has led to further speculation of the company working on an EV or self-driving car.

It’s obvious that the idea of an Apple EV or self-driving car is fun, but to us it is misguided. Why would Apple wish to do this when they can just do what they have done many times before, and that is to buy a company already doing it?

According to the new report, thanks to Business Insider, Apple is working on a vehicle-related project, one that will see them in direct competition with Tesla, which sort of backs up rumors from last week.

Apple EV or self-driving car

The first holes in the new report is seen from the start when it mentioned that an unnamed Apple employee – not sure when the last time an Apple Employee told such a website like Business Insider anything. The person also added that it would change the car landscape and that Tesla would have some serious competition.

We highly doubt that Apple will have a fully-fledged Electric car, even if Steve Jobs was interested in the technology. However, this report could be getting mixed up with what we already know, and that is Apple retrofitting cars in order to collect data for Apple Maps.



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