Persistent LG G4 expectations for MWC 2015, not G Pro 4

By Peter Chubb - Feb 9, 2015

It would seem that there is a still a great deal of expectation that LG will be at the MWC 2015 to show of its LG G4, although there is still no sign the company will be in Barcelona next month. Even though the company is more likely to unveil the G4 at its own event in May, this has not stopped the influx of rumors as to what we can expect from the new handset.

Ok, so we know that there are still expectations to see the LG G4 at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, as well as the fact we will not be seeing the G Pro 4, as though the former model is set to take over the reins.

Let’s say there is a small chance that we could see the LG G4 at MWC in March, then what is it that you would like to see brought to the new smartphone? From what I readers have been saying, there is an increased possibility that it could make use of the new Snapdragon 810 processor, which would work in conjunction with a massive 3GB of RAM.

Persistent LG G4 expectations for MWC 2015

It’s also expected to come with at least a 16-megapixel camera at the rear, although LG could surprise us and go for something even bigger to compete with other smartphones. As for size, there is a good possibility that it could be smaller than the LG G3, which was 5.3-inches, as many people feel the current model is just too large.

There had been suggestions that the LG G4 would be a bendable phone, although that is more likely to be for the G Flex, and there could be a few similarities in terms of their design.

So there you have it, we highly doubt that the G4 will be seen at MWC next month, although there is a slim chance it could, so let;s just wait and see.

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  • Cagarruto

    LG G3 screen was a 5.5″ screen, not 5.3″. 5.3″ is the rumored screen size for the LG G4, based only in the fact that LG showcased a new 5.3″ QHD screen some months ago, implementing a new fabrication process that allows it to have thinner bezels (0.7mm) amongst other things, and people instantly tagged it as “the new G4 screen”. But there’s nothing stopping LG from using the same tech in differently sized panels, so the assumption about them reducing the screen size in the next gen device is a little adventurous IMO. It could be but… why would they do that, if their current 5.5″ model is already more or less the physical size of the 5-5.2″ models from their competitors and they are supposed to have new panels that will allow them to save 1-2mm extra from width and heigth? Let’s wait and see…

  • Kevin

    Hoping it’s a 5.5 screen