Dragon Age Inquisition DLC confirmed in 2015

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2015

Back in January, we spoke about the need for Bioware to add some new Dragon Age Inquisition locations for multiplayer. This week we’re very pleased to see that Bioware has confirmed that Dragon Age Inquisition DLC is on the way and currently in development.

After playing through the wonderful campaign mode and then moved over to multiplayer, you may have become slightly bored on playing through the same old Tevinter Ruins, Elven Ruins and Orlesian Chateau maps over and over.

There’s only so many runs you can do before finding it tedious though and hopefully Bioware are planning to change this.

A Tweet left by Executive Producer Mark Darrah reveals that the company are working on new content for the Game of 2014, which we’re sure most of you will be delighted to hear.


There’s no timeline on when we can expect to see this content, but Darrah adds that information will be shared once is it ‘locked down’.

With this in mind, what would you like to see? Would you prefer to see DLC that focuses on some new SP content, MP content or a combination of both?

We would definitely like to see multiplayer expanded with some new unique weapons, new locations and perhaps some new social features to make it more interactive – live party chat for example.

If you are a keen player, let us know what you want to see from Bioware – List your best ideas and suggestions to make Dragon Age Inquisition better and everlasting below!

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  • Anthony

    Please please please single player, I would live some specialization specific items (I.e. Special dagger and bow schematics only useable for assassins, or a hilt for knight enchanters that increase your blades damage and allows to replace the staff, etc.), maybe a storyline extender, and most of all a kal-sharok story arc, as dwarves were the one group you really have no interaction with, odd since you get a wartable mission from them, plus would love to see a different dwarven city that is untouched.
    Just a few ideas bioware please hear my prayers and be gentle with them.

  • jeremy

    i love the single player content and multiplayer content equally and yes they have their share of bugs but what game doesn’t but if i had to choose id pick multiplayer content simply because of the higher replay value but dlc for both is preferable.

  • Pw

    MP? Really? The MP is so boring and broken. They should just focus on campaign. Imalso agree with everything raptorsigh posted. There is so much more potential in Inquisition than DA2, yet they did a better job in DA2 with character development. I care about these characters, so let us get to know them better. I won’t even get started on Solas…..

  • raptorsigh

    More character interactions in the open world. A few 5 minute conversations at Skyhold between hours of adventuring isn’t much, especially when your companions only banter to eachother as you travel and almost never to you. I really, really miss the personality system. One of the few things DA2 did right and DA:I did wrong (for me), was making me love the characters in a more personal way, acting as their longtime friend and not a hastily hired boss.

    Additionally, I need to know what happened to my Hawke and romanced Anders. Of Hawke/Alistair/Stroud you hear nothing, you DO nothing despite being the only one able to open Fade rifts and having companions who could sense them in the Fade. I’m hopeful that’s what the next DLC’s about,
    otherwise it’s just shoddy writing leaving it at “maybe they’re alive maybe they’re dead you dunno.”

    And you know what’s weird? I only kinda liked DA2.