Bugatti Veyron successor desired after Geneva 2015

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is to open its doors next month and one car that will be grabbing a huge amount of attention is the 450th Bugatti Veyron. This is a special edition and also said to be the very last of the Veyron’s, and so it will be a bittersweet moment.

Car fans obsessed with speed have already started to wonder what the Bugatti Veyron successor will be like and when its release will be, and this will be desired even more once Geneva 2015 is over.

It will be a sad day when Bugatti stop making the Veyron because we have seen 300 coupes and also 150 versions with its roof off. We know that those numbers already add up to 450, but Autoblog have said the next edition will be the 450th for some reason.

Bugatti Veyron successor

We do know that this model being showcased at Geneva next month will be a Grand Sport Vitesse, and so we cannot wait to see just what special flare Bugatti will be adding to that model.

As for when we are likely to see the Veyron’s successor, this is more than likely to be in 2016, and this might seem like an age away. However, like they say, the best things come to those who wait, and so we do not want them to rush things. The next model truly has to be something special, and will need to be in order to beat the top speed of the current model.



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