Battlefield Hardline update notes with major weapon tweaks

The Battlefield Hardline beta is coming to an end after Visceral Games generously extended the playing time for an extra 24 hours. For those that have been playing, we can confirm that the developers have already issued an update to the game which provides some significant weapon balance tweaks.

The game is due out on March 17 in the US and March 19 in Europe. Now that the beta is ending this week, the developers have just over one month to fine tune the game, gather the feedback from all of the data received and hopefully ensure that the launch goes as smooth as possible.

Now, we can tell you that there has been a Battlefield Hardline update on PC on February 9. As far as we’re aware, it has only rolled out to the PC version, but the same changes will be coming to console versions too.


The main areas are weapon balances, with Visceral confirming that the M16 and the M416 assault rifles on the Police class have had their damage reduced.

If you had been playing the beta, you’ll know that these are the two most expensive rifles to buy for the Police, but also are pretty strong in battle in terms of accuracy and damage output.

Elsewhere, we can see that Visceral has also reduced the cooldown times of Med packs and Ammo packs as well – we did wonder ourselves that it took quite a while for the cooldown time to regenerate so hopefully this is a change that you’ll appreciate.

The full notes were posted to Battlelog, which you can check out below. Expect these changes on console too, but for now they are only actually live on the PC version.

Read the notes and give us your overall thoughts on the beta after spending many hours on it.

February 9th Hardline Beta PC Patch Notes:

Weapons Tuning:
– 870P Magnum effective range reduced
– M16 m416 damage lowered and increased recoil
– RO933 reduced recoil and reduced damage
– Uzi increased hip fire accuracy
– P90 increased spread
– Swapped M/45 and G36c to cops
– Swapped UMP and M416 to criminals
– Reduced effective range .338 magnum rounds
– Reduced 9mm damage Reduced 556x45mm damage (Assult rifles and smgs)
– Reduced Spas 12 damage
– Fixed bug with magnum round recoil where people were losing kills

Gadget Tuning:
– Reduced the cooldown time of the med and ammo packs
– Increased the resupply time for Breaching Charges



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