Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies pause feature coming

The first Exo Zombies map from Sledgehammer is great fun, but how much better would it be if there was a pause feature available – especially when playing Solo mode?

We can see that we’re not the only ones who want to see a Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies pause button in the game, as it seems to be a big request from the community as a whole.

The good news, is that we can tell you that this feature is on the way. Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey has replied to a user on Twitter, confirming in black and white that this feature is currently in progress.


Condrey went on to say that it is a complicated process implementing it into the game, but obviously it is just nice to see a confirmation that it is on the way – hopefully by the time the next Exo Zombies map is released.

There’s nothing worse than putting multiple hours solid into the game without stopping, then realize you need to go to the toilet for a quick pitstop.

Then you return to the game and find out you have died and all that effort was in vain. Sledgehammer obviously feels your pain in this regard so hopefully we’ll have some news on when it is coming soon.

Are you happy about this? Tell us your Exo Zombies progress so far, in relation to times when you have reached a high level and really needed to use that pause button.



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