Final Fantasy 15 mini game ideas after Cat Cam

By Alan Ng - Feb 8, 2015

With the Final Fantasy 15 demo almost upon us, we wanted to talk about the potential of Final Fantasy 15 mini games, with Square-Enix undoubtedly planning to include plenty of Final Fantasy XV side quests for players to explore when not playing through the main campaign.

The idea of side quests for the upcoming game became even more relevant for us after we witnessed some rather strange gameplay last week – that being the reveal of the Final Fantasy XV cat cam of course.

Just like the ‘dog cam’ before it, Square-Enix showed off some tech footage which allowed the user to take control of a cat and freely roam around a train station.


Square-Enix made a point to say that the footage may not be used in the final game, but it does pose the question on if both the dog and cat cams will be some sort of side quests thrown in.

After all, it seems a bit strange to suddenly show off a walking dog and cat in the game. A Moogle we could understand, but where did the dog and cat come from?

Perhaps, there are plans for these animals to be used to obtain hard to reach items in a particular location, items or materials that are needed to craft weapons as you progress through the game.

Either way, we all know that side quests will be a big part of Final Fantasy XV. We absolutely loved the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII, so we hope that Square-Enix are taking the time to give us something good.

Looking ahead, what would you like to see in terms of mini games and side quests for Final Fantasy XV. Would you support the idea of a ‘cat cam’ and ‘dog cam’ to search for items, or do you think this idea should be left alone and never seen again?

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  • Ctwo

    No cat or dog cam please. Even though we have little details on the story/characters, I can tell you right now that Noctis somehow taking control of a cat or dog will make absolutely no sense. What, he’ll run into a mysterious hermit who will give him power of persuasion over dogs and cats? What justification could be made to insult the player and waste their time? Or will it be a kiosk/arcade type situation where you talk to someone at a shop? How the hell would that go? “Welcome to Cat Control! 100 gil to force your will over an innocuous creature to find items!” Of all the ideas over the 10 year development time, that’s the best they got?