Xur’s new items today in Destiny but no Gjallarhorn

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2015

It’s Friday and for many Destiny players that only means one thing – where is Xur today in the tower on February 6. As always, we have the lowdown for you with what Xur is selling this week and where you can find him.

In our usual article during the week, we jokingly mentioned about ‘not jinxing’ the RNG by constantly talking about the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

When we didn’t talk about the Ice Breaker for a few weeks, it appeared out of nowhere so what does Xur have for us today?

We can confirm that it isn’t the Gjallarhorn sadly. Xur’s location today is by the Hangar and the main Exotic weapon that he is selling is the Plan C.


Other items for sale from Xur today include the The Glasshouse, Don’t Touch Me and the Sunbreakers gauntlets. Once we have a video for you, we’ll add it below to show you his confirmed location and Xur’s inventory for February 6.

Will you be buying the Plan C today? We know a lot of you have been asking for Suros Regime, although we know that Xur has sold it at least once in the past – are you waiting to see this weapon again?

As always, give us your reaction to Xur’s wares today and if you are happy with what he is offering.

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    Waiting on Suros….

  • Sjaaki

    expect some heavy ammo packages for my gjallahorn so i am disapointed

  • kyle

    on easy mode as well and i got dragons breathe of the weekly night fall and euros regeame of a roc strike now i get to have plan c aswell to my collection awsome!!

    • NgTurbo

      Your luck is in Kyle! What about Ice Breaker?

  • kyle

    haha i got the gallahorn off the vault of glass

  • jimmy

    Learn to write an article you useless idiots and stop taking pictures of your screen. It’s 2015

    • NgTurbo

      We’re sad about no gjallarhorn too jimmy. Maybe next week?

      • Yas

        No one cares that there’s no gjallahorn. Stop trying to get people to think that is the only weapon in the game, and be happy that there is something decent there.
        I’m sure you’ll get that rocket launcher from a nightfall etc soon enough, don’t worry ng – LOL!
        (Ps it seems like you want people to start complaining on your behalf so that destiny put it for sale by xur, so that you can buy it – selfish much?)

      • jimmy

        I already have it lol