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Hotstar app update fixes bugs

If you currently have the Hotstar app installed on your iOS device and find that it does not perform as well as you had hoped, then we have news for you, as it was updated a couple of days ago to Version 1.5. However, do not get too excited, as there are no new features, just a few minor bug fixes.

The developer has not explained what those Hotstar bug fixes are, although one would presume that it was to help fix the quality of some videos, as they were said to be of poor quality. There is a chance that a new feature was added to change the quality of the videos, although this has not been stated.

We would love to hear from users that have this app installed, and to explain the improvements to our readers. One thing we do know though, any update is better than none at all, and so means users will now be able to watch TV shows, Movies and Live sports on their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in the knowledge that it should be better than the previous version – well that is the hope.

Hotstar app update

What makes this app such an appeal to people in India is how there are no sign-up fees, or registration and so is completely free of charge. You not only get to watch the latest TV shows, but also blockbuster Bollywood movies as well.

Once again, if you have this app installed, then please let us know your thoughts on this new update.



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