Destiny Sunbreakers review with solar grenade power

As we just told you moments ago, our favorite Agent of the Nine is back in the tower and one of his new items is the Sunbreakers. Now, for those that are tempted to buy it, we can bring you a quick Destiny Sunbreakers review, with some gameplay showing off the double solar grenade duration ability.

While some of you may have been looking for a different set of gauntlets, the Sunbreakers can easily boast about being the best looking gauntlets in Destiny, bar none.

If you use the Warlock primarily and don’t own these – you could do much worse for 13 strange coins so go and grab them.


Now, we can bring you two videos to help you decide on whether they are worth it and more importantly, what the Sunbreakers “Helium Cycle” ability can do in battle.

Once you have it unlocked, you’ll be able to increase the duration of solar grenade and the second video that we have included below shows you how this works.

The Sunbreakers are probably the best item in what otherwise could be deemed another disappointing week for Xur. Check out both videos below and let us know your thoughts on the Sunbreakers.

To any experienced Warlocks out there – are they worth buying in your opinion?



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