Battlefield Hardline servers down with connection problems

The Battlefield Hardline beta is a lot of fun. For those that haven’t tried it yet, you really should as it’s currently open to everyone on all platforms.

Unfortunately though, since the start of the beta we have seen instances of the Battlefield Hardline servers down with connection session problems.

At this moment, we are seeing the Battlefield Hardline server status down on PS4 with a constant message that reads: “Failed to connect to the game server, please try again”.


When trying to join moments later, we end up with constant “You have lost the connection to the session” error on Battlefield Hardline.

This is somewhat strange as when we go into the main server browser, we can see all of the servers show 0/64 players or 0/32 players. However, going into the History tab shows that players are still connecting to and playing on previous servers without a problem.

Then again, this is a beta so we expect to run into a few problems here and there. Overall though, Conquest is a lot of fun and we definitely recommend you unlock the M416 for the Operator Police class as soon as possible – it will make a big difference to your accuracy.

If you need quick cash, simply hop onto Hotwire mode and just cruise around with hot-wired cars and you’ll soon rack up the cash in no time.

Have you experienced any Battlefield Hardline connection problems since playing on your platform of choice?



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