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TransAsia Flight GE235 updates from BBC News app

Since the tragic news of TransAsia Flight GE235 people have been looking for constant updates as to the reason why the plane crashed, in which an unspecified number of people were killed.

There is conflicting news because some new outlets are reporting that all ATR 72 planes have been grounded while safety checks are conducted, while other’s suggest that they have yet to be grounded, and are still clear to fly at this moment during these checks.

However, we would suggest you download the BBC News app, which was updated on February 2 for iOS, as we know how respected they are around the world. There are other sources, but none are more credible for such information.

TransAsia Flight GE235 updates

TransAsia currently has ten ATR 72 planes, six are 72-500s and four are 72-600s.

Latest reports to come from the BBC are that the pilot of Flight GE235 complained of an engine abnormality just before takeoff – makes you wonder why he never aborted the flight.

Please give us your reaction to this latest plane crash, and if you use the BBC News app for all the latest updates.



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