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PSN users say Destiny down on Feb 5

It would seem that PSN users cannot connect to Destiny and over the past hour or so there has been a huge influx of users complaining about this. It is not yet known how long the service has been down, although there is a fear that if it goes on as long as we have seen with the PlayStation Network in the past, then they could miss Xur tomorrow.

People from many parts of the world have now started to complain about not being able to login. Readers from Florida, New York, London and even Korea have all said they are unable to get on and Play Destiny online. The service did go up, but has since gone down once again.


Naturally, if you are playing Destiny on the PS3 or PS4 and the servers are unavailable, then you might think PSN is down today on Feb 5, 2015. This is clearly the case, as reported and so it might just be the Destiny server and not PSN down.

Are you having trouble signing in to Destiny, or any other game on the PlayStation network, as we have started to receive reports of issues with FIFA, although this is an ongoing problem?



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