Destiny LEGO with custom Ice Breaker sniper rifle

You got to love YouTube, as you come across some strange and wonderful things, and this Ice Breaker sniper rifle made from LEGO is a fine example of that. This awesome weapon is used in the popular video game Destiny, which you were able to purchase from Xur only last month.

If you have used this weapon and wondered what it would be like built from LEGO (trust us, people have), then you no longer have to wonder because master builder ZaziNombies has done just that.

The Ice Breaker is a truly impressive weapon, and even more so when made from LEGO and being held in your hands. You will see in the video below just how much work has gone into creating this sniper rifle, and you may even try to replicate it yourself.

Ice breaker made with LEGO

A word of warning though, you will need to have some talent, as this will take 2,100 individual pieces of LEGO to create, and so you will need to have patience, time and some spare cash in order to buy the pieces in the first place.

If this particular weapon from Destiny is not to your liking, then there are others to choose from, such as The Last Word and Thunderlord replicas, videos of which you can see below.



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