COD World at War 2 Vs Black Ops 3 demand in 2015

By Alan Ng - Feb 5, 2015

Activision has now confirmed what most of us knew already, the Call of Duty 2015 game will be developed by Treyarch. With that in mind, we ask you what you want to see the most in relation to what appears to be a two horse race between Call of Duty World at War 2 Vs Black Ops 3.

The last game from Treyarch was Black Ops 2 of course and that proved to be a massive success for the developer and Activision. There wouldn’t be any complaints if we are due to see a third game in this series, but then at the same time whispers are not going away suggesting that Treyarch may want to make a return to their roots.

After all, World at War is what started it off for the developer with Nacht der Untoten, so would you like to see a return to this style of gameplay?


It’s also worth noting that yesterday we shared an image of what could be the next zombies mode from Treyarch – an image that could turn out to be from World at War 2 zombies.

Both games would be good choices in our opinion and we can’t really pick them apart. If we had to choose though, we would like to see Treyarch go back to World at War as we just loved those bouncin’ betties too much.

Give us your thoughts on this. We know Treyarch is developing the next COD – that’s confirmed. Help the developer out by giving reasons why we should see either World at War 2 or Black Ops 3 in November.

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  • Walker

    Just really want some zombies not liking AW

  • sagsave

    I want them to go back to world war 2, but instead of the us and Russia fighting Germany I want the US and British empire fighting japan. that gives them southeast Asia and the pacific. Very few games have you fight japan. I also want them to bring back the history lessons between missions.

  • iknowall

    am i the only one that realizes that the bo3 gun is just a close up of a bo1 wallpaper

  • Hunter

    Wold at war 2 For sure or something alike in that era.

  • Kevin

    I’d like to see an old world war shooter again 🙂

    • Taco

      I really want the ppsh to reaper In waw2 or cod3