Black Ops 3 Zombies clues after weapon teaser

We told you that Treyarch were going to be holding a live stream, in which the developer would show something related to Zombies. Now, it looks like we have uncovered the main teaser within that stream which could inadvertently confirm that Black Ops 3 zombies is definitely happening.

If you watched the stream live some of you may have captured the moment when a screenshot was shown on the screen – something which many fans are saying that they’ve never seen before.

If you missed it, we have that screenshot to show you again. Have you seen this wall weapon in any Treyarch zombies map to date, as we can’t remember seeing it.

On first impressions, it looks like it could be a BAL weapon but obviously we can’t tell for sure. Also judging by the background of where the weapon is placed, it almost seems like this has the making of a World at War 2 Zombies map.


Is Treyarch secretly teasing that they are planning to make a Nacht Der Untoten 2 map in Black Ops 3 zombies – where it all started for the company?

After all, the stream was all about the history of the zombies to date and it would seemingly fit in nicely to revisit from the start.

Then again, we could be leading everyone on a wild goose chase and this screenshot may not mean anything – or it’s an old one and we just don’t realise.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Have you seen it before? Give us your best ideas and theories on it below – what weapon do you think it is?



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