Xur in the tower on Feb 6 in Destiny

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

It’s that time again, when Destiny players are now patiently waiting for the Xur location on February 6. As always, we’ll do our best to ensure that you are one of the first to find out the information before anywhere else on Product-Reviews.

Last week was a mixed bag for players. While he offered decent items such as the MK 44 Stand Asides and the Don’t Touch Me gauntlets, he offered the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher which we have already had just a few weeks ago.

As a result, the Ice Breaker remains Xur’s best offering by far in the month of January so hopefully he can wipe the slate clean for his first appearance in February.

Every one wants to see the Gjallarhorn, but we think there’s a better chance of seeing it appear if it isn’t hyped up. When the Ice breaker finally showed up, it was at the point where players had lost hope after months of waiting – then Xur came up with a big surprise.


Who knows, maybe this is the way the RNG is operating at the moment so let’s not jinx it. Before the Dragon’s Breath it was the No Land Beyond the week before, so what’s your guesses for Friday February 6?

Remember that Xur’s spawn time in the US and UK won’t change each week. Look out for him at 9am GMT, 4am Eastern Time and 1am for those on Pacific Time – we’ll let you know the minute he spawns and what items he is selling.

On a personal note, have you been happy with Xur’s wares lately? What do you need to see on Friday?

UPDATE: Xur is live again folks. He’s in the Hangar and he has the Plan 6. Full inventory and video here.

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  • Aaron

    All you people who wont shut up about your fatebringer… The word of crota trumps it tenfold. Also xur, you need to sell heavy ammo synth. You haven’t sold it once since crota hard has come out. Which is SOOO heavy ammo demanding. You’re forcing people to do the heavy ammo glitch.

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    Bruh! Wtf this B!tch n!gga sold the same sh!t this week and last week and the week before!…😠


  • Jordan Stallings

    5th week in a row without purple ammo synths…damn u xur damn u also its plan c not 6 lol

  • Evan Tyler

    Plan C. Glass house. Don’t touch me. Sun breaker’s. Gauntlet Engram.

  • Evan Tyler

    Plan C.

    • tinsel tina

      plan c again….i bet many people missed it when he sold it two weeks in a row. Xur you dog

  • randomdestinyplayer98

    What is everything that xur is selling today?

    • Evan Tyler

      Plan C. Glass house. Don’t touch me. Sun breaker’s. Gauntlet Engrams.

  • randomdestinyplayer98

    What primary is xur selling today ?

    • Chris Jointer

      none, he is selling plan c -_-

      • randomdestinyplayer98

        Are you serious? >:(

        • Chris Jointer

          serious -_-

  • SAINT_541

    the only thing i only want on destiny os the crest of alpha lupi for hunter

    • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

      Yea that ho3 is live

  • GReaper

    I will be happy if he sells heavy ammo, it’s been way to long. But on a side note, how about red death. I hear it’s perfect for crota hard raid.

  • atheon plzz

    I really hope he sells the vex mythoclass. I know its a long stretch but I can’t find anyone who wants to do hard VoG. Maybe so it’s fair he’ll sell it for a higher price

    • Mikhaylov

      Vex Mythoclast wont ever be sold, its only dropped when you kill atheon on hard, and as for hawkmoon, monte carlo, or other “exclusive” weapons those wont be sold strictly because they can only be found on the console that bungie has “given” it to.

    • Evan Tyler

      That gun will never be sold. You know that right? It’s a VOG Raid gun only. You can ONLY get it from Atheon on Hard mode. I have it. I know a guy who has got it from Atheon 9 times! I have only 1. You’re right to want it. It’s a special gun. You Have To Beat Atheon on Hard mode!! That’s the only way.
      Bungie calls it their Masterpiece.

      • GReaper

        I agree it’s a great weapon, but they need to bump it up with all the other exotics, or by the time they release comit it will be obsolete.

    • Spiku

      If your on PS3 or 4 you can do the raid with me and my crew. Usually do the VOG on hard so you have a good chance to get your vex… My PSN name is Spiku.

    • tinsel tina

      i dont’ want him to sell it. I don’t have it but I think it will ruin it if he does

  • Kris Watson

    hes not even there?

    • d757

      He comes at 4am

    • atheon

      he doesn’t get there for another half an hour…

  • Testing123

    He will be selling Suros because they just downgraded all auto rifles

    • tinsel tina

      they upgraded al of them waht are you talking about

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    Ima bust a nutt if my n!gga Xur sells Hard light!..😁

    • Tdot

      Hard light sucks, uses ammo way too fast, trust us

      • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

        I’m trigga happy so idgaf

      • tinsel tina

        i have hardlight and i get kills all day with it…its not as good as suros but pretty close

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    I hope Xur be the pallbearer at my Funeral… so he can let me down one last time!…😔


  • Nick Farmer

    lol.. this guy takes this game way too seriously

  • You are all casuals

    Suros is for casuals who can’t play the game, if you want suros and are gonna leave destiny because of xur not selling it then you are trash and should leave anyway

    • Pleb Alert

      Or you could play a real game that’s actually not Borderlands – heart and soul.

  • Geko

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pl help me I really need the suros to be sold I beg of you destiny if you can here me has I say for every one plz sell suros plz

    • atheon

      suros is garbage I’ve had it since it was first sold not worth it

  • tinsel tina

    remember the time he sold voidfang vestments like 5 times in a row

    • atheon

      Lmao he sold sunbreakers 3 weeks in a row then voidfang for the next 4 weeks the sunbreakers the next week and then voidfang for another 2 weeks.

      • tinsel tina

        sorry 6 times in 7 weeks to clarify…you can completely see how random xur is

  • brad

    suros regime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tinsel tina

      na i wanted him to sell it until i got it

  • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

    Hard light…!

    • tinsel tina

      na i have that

      • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

        I h8 u…😒

        p.s. I bet not catch yo ass in the crucible!


        • Dark

          Are you attempting to communicate?

        • mangina

          Something he hasnt already sold twice since the dlc would be nice.

        • Sex

          I’ve legit gotten 6. Three from Atheon, one from the exotic chest, and two from Nightfalls.

        • tinsel tina

          you cant catch my ass in the crucible because i will have mowed you down with harlight already

        • ✯✯✯Boudan_Man✯✯✯

          U got me fuked up!…😂😂


  • DestinyDominator

    If Xur sells Ice Breaker, which i haven’t got once (im being legit serious), i’ll be even happier than the happiest than i can be. Gjallarhorn is also acceptable and i also never got that.

    • d757

      Xur sold icebreaker last month….wow u missed that!!

      • mangina

        I have three, and they where all drops.

    • Captain Moobs

      You missed icebreaker my friend, like, 3 weeks ago lol.

  • me

    Heavy ammo synthesis!!

    • tinsel tina

      go th normal gun vendor, he sells em for 950

  • sandman

    Suros regime I’ve been waiting too long loosing hope and interest

    • tinsel tina

      he wont sell it because I have it and it would be wrong to sell it because of that

  • Dantastic85

    the last 2 weeks have been garbage sales. i hope to get a red death.

    • tinsel tina

      i hear red death is terrible

      • jonathan

        I guess for PvP but for hard mode crota it’s the most wanted gun because of the red death perk that heals you after every kill and speeds up the reload of the gun.

        • tinsel tina

          true…i like the warlock nemesis helmet because it heals you when you pick up orbs

  • Kaserated

    Please be anything but No Land Beyond…

  • The3rdDuke

    I need Suros Regime! I need it in my life!

    • cheese

      It’s not that good man got 2 in the past 2 days they are cabbage

      • TheDigDidWhat?

        Lies! SUROS Regime is the best primary out there! Don’t let cheese fill your head with his poison Duke.

        • michael thurman

          Definitely not the best primary out there but it’s definitely in the top few. Fatebringer is the best primary in the game hands down.even at 300 damage. I’m just hoping for heavy ammo.I have every exotic in the game.

        • Jimmy Dek

          Fatebringer is overrated AF. It’s the 4th best hand cannon in PvP, the top ones being the Exotics.

        • John

          You got nechrochasm?

        • Spicy

          Fire rate is too high. You waste half your ammo.

        • ForkYaMean

          Wow I’m amazed dude! Wow! Every??!? Wow! Omg! Jeez! Yeezus! Kandashian?!

      • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

        Slow fire rate, high damage output are my kind of auto rifles. If Xur sells the Suros I will be in heaven.